299SD/DX - Proof - Videos from 11SD001 Iphone

Photo Gallery: 299SD/DX - Proof - From 11SD001 Camara

Photo Gallery: 299SD/DX - Radio Shack - From 11SD001 Camara

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299SD/DX - Proof - Videos And GPS Evidence from 11SD135 I-phone

299SD/DX Videos - Proof


GPS Proof locating us in the 299 Division

                     Image from our boat GPS                                  Image From Carlos Cel GPS

                      Before entrence the isl.                           locating us inside the 299 division in a

                                                                                place that Carlos found a Bit of Celular signal



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many more longers videos still to come,

they take time to upload, enjoy this ones for now.


Getting closer to Desecheo:



Getting ready to enter island. View of island, GPS locator and boat crew:


View of antenna, power generator and tito:



Carlos working 2div and 9div



Tito working 14div and 30 div (view of island and antenna at the end of clip):


Tito working French stations:



Tito working Mexico:



Tito working Portugal and French Polynesia



Tito working 16SD205 and 32SD150 Leo



Carlos working several American stations (audio only)




we have included old videos from other activations from Desecheo. Specifically, this video from 1990 (299AT/0) shows the exact same point of entry that we used in 299SD/DX - the south-west end of the island. You can see this entry area, which is basically a small pebble stone beach in minutes 7:00 through 9:00 in this old video

This is the area where we entered the island on 14 on 2012. You can see in this video that the island and our arrival area has not changed one bit.

299AT/0 Video




299SD/DX - First Pics Uploaded



Desecheo Isl.

28.01.2012 22:36



This are only pics when we were approaching to the 299 division


20 min. to be near 299 division 10 min. to be near 299 division


11SD001 Tito 11SD135 Carlos

Lest than 10 Min. to be near 299 Division

This is a view of the East of the Isl.



This is the near the boat can get to the 299 division

Traveling to the south of the Isl.


Traveling true the south part of the 299 division to get into the beach

Near the helicopter platform



By 11SD001 Tito & 11SD135 Carlos


QSL Manager 1SD007 Mr. Daniele

Via Rounc 1


Rora – TO



73's from 11SD001 Tito & 11SD135 Carlos