299SD/DX - Getting Ready

24.07.2013 22:28

299SD/DX - Getting Ready



Update Number 1 about 299 division DX Expedition

26.02.2012 19:10

Well, Finally I have a Guy with a 30 feet boat that dears to take us to the 299 division, working with the price on it, dates, month and permissions, more info soon.




Update Number 2 about 299 division DX Expedition

27.08.2012 15:22

Well guys the Month is already set up, it’s getting closer and closer, the only thing that can change the month we have setup is the weather or propagation, let’s hope both be good with us.




Update Number 3 about 299 division DX Expedition

27.08.2012 15:27

We have to hide, yes we do, because of this the place we will hide a YAGI ant will not work, a vertical antenna maybe but is a risk, we are looking for someone that can sponsored a SKYPER antenna, with the feedback I had read from this antenna it could make the job, our highest pile up will be from Europe and from that direction we have a big problem, a mounting, any help of sponsorship is welcome.




Update Number 4 about 299 division DX Expedition

01.10.2012 14:34

Hello Every One,

Only a couple of month left for the end of this year, Like I said the activation would be by the end of this year, until NOW all is running the way it should run, we are getting everything prepare, we already have the boat, we bought a generator with the sponsorship donation and now we are making the antenna we are going to take to the 299 division, I ask for sponsorship of an skypper antenna but until now no one has one and is getting late to keep looking, what we will do is make a small antenna but with the power of a 4 elm, in the place we have plan to hide the mountain of the Isl. cover our signal to Europe our BIG pile up, we hope the Propagation stay the way it has been this days, I can announce that maybe in 2 weeks we are going to make a trip to the isl. to secure things and see what else we need to bring,, be in touch this next week’s we maybe be able to go on air like 299SD/MM, those that collect Maritime Mobil QSLS you will have the opportunity, parting from this research we will be inside anytime, We don’t want to make too much NOISE with this DX-Pedition, remember is dangerous and if we get caught we will be in lot but lot of trouble, thank you all very much and all that have send donations to make this possible.



Team Leader



299SD/DX The countdown has just started

04.11.2012 21:18

Hello every one,

The countdown has just started today, we will be on air in any time, If you want to know the exact day and have a special privilege like he sponsor we have in our list so I can work you easy be part of this DX-Expedition be a Sponsor of 299SD/DX your still in time, by Sponsoring the Expedition I will give you the privilege to have a Special call that will make me easy to identify your Station in the pile up as a Sponsor, for shore I will call you and attend you call 100%. Sponsors should have this privilege and I will give this privilege to them, thank you




Team Leader



Getting things together

12.11.2012 19:52


Days are closer and closer,

from today on we can be on air any time in this month

See you in the pile up



The Back ground banner will be used in 299 DX- Pedition Shack

As soon we get back the banner will be announce in my Facebook for Auction,

It will be sold to the highest bidder, if you’re a collector don mist it,

the funds will be used to make another DX- Pedition in 2013 on another division,

it will also include a souvenir for your shack made

by a Puerto Rican artisan with Desecheo beach rocks and shells

73's from 1

11SD001 & 11SD135


This is part of what we are taking to the 299 division

Carlos is taking the radio, Mic. Power Supply, antenna and other things

Almost everything that we are using is this DX-Pedition is NEW

Thanks to the Sponsors of this event




I'm Ready - Are you ready?

Pack to go

13.11.2012 23:52

I'm Ready

The Question is

Are you Ready?